BASKET AUCTION **postponed**


What is Basket Auction?

The Basket Auction is one of LME’s biggest annual fundraisers that takes place during Open House.  Each classroom selects a theme and assembles a basket of items focused on that theme.  The items are donated by the parents.  The parents can purchase the items themselves or ask friends or relatives for the items.  The baskets are auctioned off in a silent auction during Open House.  With a silent auction, there are bid forms assigned to each basket, which you sign your name and a bid price.  At the end of the evening, the winner pays for the basket and gets to take it home.  As with last year, we are planning to offer the “Buy It Now” option where you can buy the basket at the beginning of the night for a set price.

There are usually 40-60 baskets that range in price from $50 -$800 depending on the items.  We are planning again to have a variety of basket sizes so all families who want to can participate. 

What are the rules for the Basket Auction?

 • Bids must be placed in increments of at least $5.00

• Bids may only be placed by an adult (over the age of 18)

• Clearly write your full name, cell phone number, and bid on the 1st available line below.  If LME PTA cannot read your name, we reserve the right to offer the item to the second highest bidder.

• Each new bid must be completely filled out on the next available line below the previous bid.

• No bid can be less than the previous bid.

• Successful bidders are responsible for paying for all auction items via cash, check or credit card to the LME PTA.  Winning bidders must be present at the end of the auction to win.  

• If you choose “Buy It Now”, please let a PTA member know.  “Buying it Now” allows you to pay for and take the basket before the auction ends.

How can I help?

 Great Questions! 

  • We are in need of parent coordinators for each classroom.  If you are willing to coordinate the basket for your child’s classroom, please email us to let us know or contact your child’s teacher.
  • If you own a business, or know someone who does, who may be willing to donate an item to auction off at Basket Auction, please email us and let us know.  We can provide you with confirmation of donation for tax purposes.  
  • You can donate items to your child's classroom that are theme-related. No item is too small. Your teacher or classroom coordinator (once selected) may have a list of suggested items or a  Sign-up Genius created to help.  

If you have any questions, please email

When is the Basket Auction?

March 19th   **POSTPONED**

When are donations for the baskets due?

March 15th   

What theme has my student's teacher chosen for our classroom?


  • Verango: Summer Fun
  • Ippolito: Disney
  • Mattson: Sports
  • Rees: Family Camp Out
  • Conrad: Nerf

1st Grade

  • Duarte: Super Hero
  • Burke: Science/STEM
  • DeWitt: Frozen Movie
  • Torres: Baking
  • Sheskey: Restaurant Gift cards

2nd Grade

  • Baca: Lego
  • Flores: Board Games
  • Grova: Pool/Beach
  • McBride: Coffee
  • Wilder-Lee:  Family Fun Night

3rd Grade

  • Bambrick: Cooking
  • Flotron: Hot Wheels/ Matchbox cars
  • Starr: Family Game Night
  • Smith: Super Hero Lego

4th Grade 

  • Beymer: Gift cards galore
  • Howard – “Experience” gift cards
  • Richardson: Gardening/ Plants
  • Sanchez: Arts and Crafts

5th Grade

  • Cervantes: Harry Potter
  • Forsee: Horses
  • Sperry: Work out & recovery
  • Howard- “Experience” gift cards
  • Estes:  Comic Books

6th Grade 

  • Irvin: Slime
  • Nicholson: Digital/electronic gift cards
  • Lacoste: Movie Night In 
  • Thompson: Pokemon